“I was well educated in all forms of CPR”
"The class was very good, professionally done, very informative. I was well educated in all forms of CPR (adult and child). I feel like I can truly help somebody"-Debra

"The instructor was patient and attentive”
"The instructor was patient and attentive to the questions and concerns people had. This course met my needs perfectly and explained a lot of things to me that I never knew about." -Avery
“Provided excellent tips that will be useful if I ever need to use CPR”
"The experience I had with Kiwanna and her daughter was amazing. They were very personal and hands-on. They taught me all the skills I need to assess a person in need ofhelp. Kiwanna and her daughter were extremely helpful and provided excellent tips that will be useful if I ever need to use CPR. Thank you two so much !!" -Nina

"The class was very, very thorough”

“Tons of information I had not ever received at any other training for CPR. It exceeded my needs for CPR Training." - Dawn

“Would highly recommend”

"Very good review and informational skills. Easily explained! Great hands-on skills. The videos and workbook were easy to follow. Would highly recommend. -Aja


“Dynamik Duo”

"Kiwanna and KyAhjanae were like the dynamik duo! They were both very hands-on and took the time to make sure we were all on the same page. I thoroughly enjoyed my CPR and AED training and highly recommend Dynamik CPR Education Safety Training to everyone who wants to acquire the skills to save lives!"- Owen


 “The instructors never gave up on helping us”

"The videos are very educational. Their setup was very professional and neat. We appreciate them (Dynamik) for coming to our location. The instructors never gave up on helping us to complete the 30 adult compressions" - Aciena


"The class was very thoroughly taught"

"The class was very thoroughly taught, everything was well communicated, and all my questions were answered, 10/10 would recommend." - Leslie


“Information was very helpful”

“[Kiwanna] is a great instructor, information was very helpful” - Sandy


“I really enjoyed the class”

“I really enjoyed the class and easy going instructions. Awesome class” - Tajanae


“The instructors made me feel comfortable”

"I have not taken a CPR class in quite some time and I was nervous to take one today, but the instructors made me feel comfortable by taking the time to make sure I was doing the skills correctly" - Traci

“Excellent review and practice”

Excellent review and practice. Have been renewing CPR online the past few years. Needed hands on refresher. -Wanda